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Parent meaning

parent - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who begets, or brings forth, offspring; a father or a mother.
  2. 2. That which produces; cause; source; author; begetter; as, idleness is the parent of vice.
  3. 3. A father or a mother.

parent - examples of usage

  1. " What's become of my step- parent? - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
  2. But then he had been so long away to- day, and he knew his excellent parent always liked to finish the tale of her own wedding- day when she began it- as she often did. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
  3. But to this Sally replied that Tishy had told her over and over and over again, only she said over so often that her adopted parent said for Heaven's sake stop, or he should write the word into his letters. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
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