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Oxide meaning

oxide - 1 dictionary results

oxide - examples of usage

  1. Some grass- tree country was also passed, covered with quartz pebbles, white, or colored with oxide of iron. - "The Overland Expedition of The Messrs. Jardine", Frank Jardine and Alexander Jardine.
  2. By the action upon peat of carbonate of ammonia, which is generated to some extent in the decay of vegetable matters and is also absorbed from the air, ulmic and humic acids are made soluble, and combine with the ammonia as well as with lime, oxide of iron, etc. - "Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel", Samuel William Johnson.
  3. This ore is in the form of an oxide, as it is called. - "The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island", Roger Thompson Finlay.
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