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Own meaning

own - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. To grant; to acknowledge; to admit to be true; to confess; to recognize in a particular character; as, we own that we have forfeited your love.
  2. 2. Belonging to; belonging exclusively or especially to; peculiar; -- most frequently following a possessive pronoun, as my, our, thy, your, his, her, its, their, in order to emphasize or intensify the idea of property, peculiar interest, or exclusive ownership; as, my own father; my own composition; my own idea; at my own price.
  3. 3. To hold as property; to have a legal or rightful title to; to be the proprietor or possessor of; to possess; as, to own a house.
  4. 4. Belonging to; peculiar.
  5. 5. To possess; confess; acknowledge.

own - examples of usage

  1. There were her own father and mother.
  2. I want my own home, I do, I do.
  3. It's the tivil's own work, b'gosh, Meester Hobart.
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