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Ore meaning

ore - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Honor; grace; favor; mercy; clemency; happy augry.
  2. 2. The native form of a metal, whether free and uncombined, as gold, copper, etc., or combined, as iron, lead, etc. Usually the ores contain the metals combined with oxygen, sulphur, arsenic, etc. ( called mineralizers).
  3. 3. A native metal or its compound with the rock in which it occurs, after it has been picked over to throw out what is worthless.
  4. 4. Metal; as, the liquid ore.
  5. 5. Mineral containing metal in combination.

ore - examples of usage

  1. A ton of coffee, three box cars of ore, a round ton of sugar.
  2. Perhaps fire melted some of the copper in a vein of ore.
  3. Later, he would tell Duarte about the ride from Cerrorico in the engine cab of an ore train, and hopping off at dawn at the Monte Azul station, and being met by a Pepe Delgado who wore a freshly washed and ill- fitting reservist's uniform and drove a small army lorry.
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