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Oppose meaning

oppose - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. oppose with equal weight or force
  2. 2. To place in front of, or over against; to set opposite; to exhibit.
  3. 3. To put in opposition, with a view to counterbalance or countervail; to set against; to offer antagonistically.
  4. 4. To resist or antagonize by physical means, or by arguments, etc.; to contend against; to confront; to resist; to withstand; as, to oppose the king in battle; to oppose a bill in Congress.
  5. 5. To compete with; to strive against; as, to oppose a rival for a prize.
  6. 6. To be set opposite.
  7. 7. To make objection or opposition in controversy.
  8. 8. To act adversely or in opposition; - with against or to; as, a servant opposed against the act.
  9. 9. To set against; resist; compete with.

oppose - examples of usage

  1. To oppose this great force, Gen. - "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion", William Dobein James.
  2. Now that he did not attempt to oppose her, Pocahontas sank down again beside him. - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.
  3. And the master said: The world is mine, and none can oppose me. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
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