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Objective meaning

objective - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. serving as or indicating the object of a verb or of certain prepositions and used for certain other purposes; " objective case"; " accusative endings"
  2. 2. Of or pertaining to an object; contained in, or having the nature or position of, an object; outward; external; extrinsic; -- an epithet applied to whatever ir exterior to the mind, or which is simply an object of thought or feeling, and opposed to subjective.
  3. 3. Pertaining to, or designating, the case which follows a transitive verb or a preposition, being that case in which the direct object of the verb is placed. See Accusative, n.
  4. 4. The objective case.
  5. 5. An object glass. See under Object, n.
  6. 6. Same as Objective point, under Objective, a.
  7. 7. Same as point, under Objective, a.
  8. 8. Objectiveness, objectivity.
  9. 9. Relating to an object; exterior to the mind; denoting the case which follows a transitive verb.

objective - examples of usage

  1. We abandoned the road and traveled by a footpath across country in the compass direction of our objective. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  2. There is nothing on which he can look with approval; no consistent career of devotion to worthy objective ends, the fruits of which can be witnessed in the improvement of the world in which he has lived, and stored up in the character which he has formed. - "Practical Ethics", William DeWitt Hyde.
  3. The extent of the whole and the harmony of the parts is what we have to look out for, and also its objective; this is a universal rule, whatever the whole in question may be. - "The Law and the Word", Thomas Troward.
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