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Oarless meaning

Oarless - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Without oars.

Oarless - examples of usage

  1. He was not used to the water, and, oarless, became " panicky." - "Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness", Robert S. Carroll.
  2. The coasts of the lakes up which the Griffin led the oarless way are three thousand three hundred and eighty- five miles in length, or, including those of the lower lake, Frontenac, which was also first touched of French keels, over four thousand miles. - "The French in the Heart of America", John Finley.
  3. Two men had been swept overboard, as Roxton said- one of them was Percivale- but they had both got on board again, to drift, oarless, with the rest- now in a windless valley- now aloft on a tempest- swept hill of water- away towards a goal they knew not, neither had chosen, and which yet they could by no means avoid. - "The Seaboard Parish, Complete", George MacDonald.
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