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Move meaning

move - 23 dictionary results

  1. 1. ( game) a player's turn to move a piece or take some other permitted action
  2. 2. the act of changing location from one place to another; " police controlled the motion of the crowd"; " the movement of people from the farms to the cities"; " his move put him directly in my path"
  3. 3. have a turn; make one's move in a game; " Can I go now?"
  4. 4. move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion; " He moved his hand slightly to the right"
  5. 5. change residence, affiliation, or place of employment; " We moved from Idaho to Nebraska"; " The basketball player moved from one team to another"
  6. 6. dispose of by selling; " The chairman of the company told the salesmen to move the computers"
  7. 7. perform an action, or work out or perform ( an action); " think before you act"; " We must move quickly"; " The governor should act on the new energy bill"; " The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel"
  8. 8. To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion; to carry, convey, draw, or push from one place to another; to impel; to stir; as, the wind moves a vessel; the horse moves a carriage.
  9. 9. To transfer ( a piece or man) from one space or position to another, according to the rules of the game; as, to move a king.
  10. 10. To excite to action by the presentation of motives; to rouse by representation, persuasion, or appeal; to influence.
  11. 11. To arouse the feelings or passions of; especially, to excite to tenderness or compassion; to touch pathetically; to excite, as an emotion.
  12. 12. To propose; to recommend; specifically, to propose formally for consideration and determination, in a deliberative assembly; to submit, as a resolution to be adopted; as, to move to adjourn.
  13. 13. To apply to, as for aid.
  14. 14. To change place or posture; to stir; to go, in any manner, from one place or position to another; as, a ship moves rapidly.
  15. 15. To act; to take action; to stir; to begin to act; as, to move in a matter.
  16. 16. To change residence; to remove, as from one house, town, or state, to another.
  17. 17. To change the place of a piece in accordance with the rules of the game.
  18. 18. The act of moving; a movement.
  19. 19. The act of moving one of the pieces, from one position to another, in the progress of the game.
  20. 20. An act for the attainment of an object; a step in the execution of a plan or purpose.
  21. 21. Act of moving.
  22. 22. To change place; act; make a proposal.
  23. 23. To put in motion; cause to change place; excite to action or feeling; to propose to an assembly.

move - examples of usage

  1. Next move I gave him " fool's mate." - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  2. Then your mother'll have to move out of her little place. - "The Crisis, Volume 6", Winston Churchill.
  3. " It's enough to set us on the move, anyway," said Jeffrey. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
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