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Mark meaning

mark - 36 dictionary results

  1. 1. something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal; " the new advertising campaign was a bell ringer"; " scored a bull's eye"; " hit the mark"; " the president's speech was a home run"
  2. 2. a visible indication made on a surface; " some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks"; " paw prints were everywhere"
  3. 3. a written or printed symbol ( as for punctuation); " his answer was just a punctuation mark"
  4. 4. formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
  5. 5. make or leave a mark on; " mark the trail so that we can find our way back"
  6. 6. put a check mark on or next to; " Please check each name on the list"; " tick off the items"
  7. 7. designate as if by a mark; " This sign marks the border"; " He indicated where the border ended"
  8. 8. make underscoring marks
  9. 9. establish as the highest level or best performance; " set a record"
  10. 10. notice or perceive; " She noted that someone was following her"; " mark my words"
  11. 11. A license of reprisals. See Marque.
  12. 12. An old weight and coin. See Marc.
  13. 13. The unit of monetary account of the German Empire, equal to 23. 8 cents of United States money; the equivalent of one hundred pfennigs. Also, a silver coin of this value.
  14. 14. A visible sign or impression made or left upon anything; esp., a line, point, stamp, figure, or the like, drawn or impressed, so as to attract the attention and convey some information or intimation; a token; a trace.
  15. 15. A character or device put on an article of merchandise by the maker to show by whom it was made; a trade- mark.
  16. 16. A character ( usually a cross) made as a substitute for a signature by one who can not write.
  17. 17. A fixed object serving for guidance, as of a ship, a traveler, a surveyor, etc.; as, a seamark, a landmark.
  18. 18. A trace, dot, line, imprint, or discoloration, although not regarded as a token or sign; a scratch, scar, stain, etc.; as, this pencil makes a fine mark.
  19. 19. An evidence of presence, agency, or influence; a significative token; a symptom; a trace; specifically, a permanent impression of one's activity or character.
  20. 20. That toward which a missile is directed; a thing aimed at; what one seeks to hit or reach.
  21. 21. Attention, regard, or respect.
  22. 22. Limit or standard of action or fact; as, to be within the mark; to come up to the mark.
  23. 23. Badge or sign of honor, rank, or official station.
  24. 24. Preeminence; high position; as, particians of mark; a fellow of no mark.
  25. 25. A characteristic or essential attribute; a differential.
  26. 26. A number or other character used in registring; as, examination marks; a mark for tardiness.
  27. 27. Image; likeness; hence, those formed in one's image; children; descendants.
  28. 28. To put a mark upon; to affix a significant mark to; to make recognizable by a mark; as, to mark a box or bale of merchandise; to mark clothing.
  29. 29. To leave a trace, scratch, scar, or other mark, upon, or any evidence of action; as, a pencil marks paper; his hobnails marked the floor.
  30. 30. To keep account of; to enumerate and register; as, to mark the points in a game of billiards or cards.
  31. 31. To notice or observe; to give attention to; to take note of; to remark; to heed; to regard.
  32. 32. To take particular notice; to observe critically; to note; to remark.
  33. 33. One of the bits of leather or colored bunting which are placed upon a sounding line at intervals of from two to five fathoms. The unmarked fathoms are called deeps.
  34. 34. To be a mark upon; to designate; to indicate; - used literally and figuratively; as, this monument marks the spot where Wolfe died; his courage and energy marked him for a leader.
  35. 35. A visible sign; indication; thing aimed at; distinction.
  36. 36. To make a mark upon; take notice of.

mark - examples of usage

  1. I carry the mark of the cut to this day. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  2. You see, he didn't want to leave his own mark there. - "Mrs. Peter Rabbit", Thornton W. Burgess.
  3. This mark of respect would be expected from him, and people would wonder if he did not pay it. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
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