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Marble meaning

marble - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. paint or stain like marble; " marble paper"
  2. 2. A massive, compact limestone; a variety of calcite, capable of being polished and used for architectural and ornamental purposes. The color varies from white to black, being sometimes yellow, red, and green, and frequently beautifully veined or clouded. The name is also given to other rocks of like use and appearance, as serpentine or verd antique marble, and less properly to polished porphyry, granite, etc.
  3. 3. A thing made of, or resembling, marble, as a work of art, or record, in marble; or, in the plural, a collection of such works; as, the Arundel or Arundelian marbles; the Elgin marbles.
  4. 4. A little ball of marble, or of some other hard substance, used as a plaything by children; or, in the plural, a child's game played with marbles.
  5. 5. Made of, or resembling, marble; as, a marble mantel; marble paper.
  6. 6. To stain or vein like marble; to variegate in color; as, to marble the edges of a book, or the surface of paper.
  7. 7. Kind of fine hard limestone; anything made of marble; small ball used as a plaything.
  8. 8. Of, or like, marble.
  9. 9. To vein or variegate like marble.

marble - examples of usage

  1. With her legs paralysed she was like that prince in the Eastern tale on whom an evil spell had been cast, turning the lower half of his body into marble. - "Afoot in England", W.H. Hudson.
  2. " A bit of a lad, I used to sit in my room with the great book opened out on a marble table that was cold the year round. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  3. With that, she had given Nina a kiss on the forehead and taken the marble stairs down to the first- floor reception. - "Syndrome", Thomas Hoover.
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