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Macaw meaning

macaw - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Genus of American parrots.

macaw - examples of usage

  1. As she tramped along the terrace and passed through the little iron gate leading to the rose- garden, Tommy, the scarlet macaw, opened one eye and watched her; gave a loud kiss as she reached the gate and disappeared from view, then laughed to himself and went to sleep again. - "The Rosary", Florence L. Barclay.
  2. Dal, will you paint my scarlet macaw?" - "The Rosary", Florence L. Barclay.
  3. But when the portrait goes down to posterity as a famous picture, it will figure in the catalogue of the National Gallery as 'The Duchess, the Mirror, and the Macaw. - "The Rosary", Florence L. Barclay.
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