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Life meaning

life - 14 dictionary results

  1. 1. a motive for living; " pottery was his life"
  2. 2. a characteristic state or mode of living; " social life"; " city life"; " real life"
  3. 3. The state of being which begins with generation, birth, or germination, and ends with death; also, the time during which this state continues; that state of an animal or plant in which all or any of its organs are capable of performing all or any of their functions; -- used of all animal and vegetable organisms.
  4. 4. The potential principle, or force, by which the organs of animals and plants are started and continued in the performance of their several and cooperative functions; the vital force, whether regarded as physical or spiritual.
  5. 5. A certain way or manner of living with respect to conditions, circumstances, character, conduct, occupation, etc.; hence, human affairs; also, lives, considered collectively, as a distinct class or type; as, low life; a good or evil life; the life of Indians, or of miners.
  6. 6. Animation; spirit; vivacity; vigor; energy.
  7. 7. That which imparts or excites spirit or vigor; that upon which enjoyment or success depends; as, he was the life of the company, or of the enterprise.
  8. 8. The living or actual form, person, thing, or state; as, a picture or a description from the life.
  9. 9. A person; a living being, usually a human being; as, many lives were sacrificed.
  10. 10. The system of animal nature; animals in general, or considered collectively.
  11. 11. An essential constituent of life, esp. the blood.
  12. 12. A history of the acts and events of a life; a biography; as, Johnson wrote the life of Milton.
  13. 13. Something dear to one as one's existence; a darling; - used as a term of endearment.
  14. 14. Animate existence; manner of living; animation; human affairs; biography.

life - examples of usage

  1. nightlife in Berlin is incessant, and as long as you have the stamina and know where the party‘s at, you can easily enjoy the delights of socialising, drinking and dancing seven nights a week.
  2. Why, me, the 'ard life I've 'ad-. - "Liza of Lambeth", W. Somerset Maugham.
  3. But it's for life- a good man's life! - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
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