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Jaggy meaning

jaggy - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Having jags; set with teeth; notched; uneven; as, jaggy teeth.

jaggy - examples of usage

  1. The bottom of the cave was very jaggy and not comfortable to lie on, but we made it as soft as we could with the skirt and the jersey. - "Us and the Bottleman", Edith Ballinger Price.
  2. It came off wonderfully well, though rather jaggy. - "Us and the Bottleman", Edith Ballinger Price.
  3. Wedged in between the jaggy top of this block and the wall of the cliff was the corpse, showing that Wynne had been standing by the fissure of the cliff at the moment when it widened into a landslip. - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.
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