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Jabot meaning

jabot - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Originally, a kind of ruffle worn by men on the bosom of the shirt.
  2. 2. An arrangement of lace or tulle, looped ornamentally, and worn by women on the front of the dress.

jabot - examples of usage

  1. And to be able to buy a jabot, or a smart hat, or a book. - "Fanny Herself", Edna Ferber.
  2. In front a full Mechlin lace jabot, with the white wig above, set his regular features and dark skin in a frame, as it were, his paleness and a look of melancholy in the eyes helping the natural beauty and distinction of a face high bred and haughty. - "Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker", S. Weir Mitchell.
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