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Inward meaning

inward - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. Seated in the mind, heart, spirit, or soul.
  2. 2. Intimate; domestic; private.
  3. 3. That which is inward or within; especially, in the plural, the inner parts or organs of the body; the viscera.
  4. 4. An intimate or familiar friend or acquaintance.
  5. 5. Alt. of Inwards
  6. 6. Being or placed within; inner; interior; - opposed to outward.
  7. 7. The mental faculties; - usually pl.
  8. 8. Internal; placed within.
  9. 9. Towards the interior.

inward - examples of usage

  1. " I have one-" Skag spoke with inward satisfaction: "- Bhanah the old cook, who did serve Police-" " Not Police Commissioner Hichens' Bhanah?" - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  2. Oppner and Martin were swept irresistibly upward and inward. - "The Sins of Séverac Bablon", Sax Rohmer.
  3. He shook hands with her and, after a short but sharp inward struggle, shook hands with her son. - "At Sunwich Port, Complete", W.W. Jacobs.
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