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Incubate meaning

incubate - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To sit, as on eggs for hatching; to brood; to brood upon, or keep warm, as eggs, for the purpose of hatching.
  2. 2. To sit upon ( eggs) to hatch them; to keep ( as eggs, etc.) under conditions of warmth favorable for hatching.
  3. 3. To brood.
  4. 4. To sit on, as eggs.

incubate - examples of usage

  1. They incubate ideas and then lack the warmth to hatch them into general application. - "The Air Trust", George Allan England.
  2. As for the oceans, no one knew exactly what had happened there, though it was obvious they, too, had received their share of the bombardment on that fateful night; but, while temperatures were found to be somewhat above normal, scientists were of the opinion that the deadly spawn that had fallen there had failed to incubate. - "Spawn of the Comet", Harold Thompson Rich.
  3. He wanted the Carnegie medal, and he knew it would be given to me if I could incubate and hatch my batch of Silver Moon butterfly eggs. - "Police!!!", Robert W. Chambers.
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