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Idiom meaning

idiom - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. The syntactical or structural form peculiar to any language; the genius or cast of a language.
  2. 2. An expression conforming or appropriate to the peculiar structural form of a language; in extend use, an expression sanctioned by usage, having a sense peculiar to itself and not agreeing with the logical sense of its structural form; also, the phrase forms peculiar to a particular author.
  3. 3. Dialect; a variant form of a language.
  4. 4. Idiomatic.
  5. 5. Mode of expression peculiar to a language.

idiom - examples of usage

  1. She turned toward Wray, who was coming back in their direction, addressing him in the idiom she heard among young native- born Americans, and which accorded best with her position in the studio.
  2. She dropped into the studio idiom.
  3. He has to be reminded of the requirements of the English idiom, and speedily becomes aware that the idiomatic rendering of a Greek author into English, is a higher achievement by far, than his former slavish endeavour always to render the same word and tense in the same slavish way.
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