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Icarian meaning

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Icarian - examples of usage

  1. Owenites, Fourierists, Icarians have all established communities there, but these communities have failed long ago, except one of the Icarian, and the only other socialist experiments now existing in America are seventy or eighty religious communities, Shakers and Rappists, whose success has been due to their religious discipline and their celibacy, and whose members amount to no more than 5, 000 souls all told. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.
  2. On the ninth day of our march from the shores of the Tanganika we again perceived our " Magdala Mount," rising like a dark cloud to the north- east, by which I knew that we were approaching Imrera, and that our Icarian attempt to cross the uninhabited jungle of Ukawendi would soon be crowned with success. - "How I Found Livingstone", Sir Henry M. Stanley.
  3. I gave his mate a goodly spiral- shell: We stalked its inmate on the Icarian rocks And ate him, parted fivefold among five. - "Theocritus", Theocritus.
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