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Hornbook meaning

Hornbook - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. The first book for children, or that from which in former times they learned their letters and rudiments; -- so called because a sheet of horn covered the small, thin board of oak, or the slip of paper, on which the alphabet, digits, and often the Lord's Prayer, were written or printed; a primer.
  2. 2. A book containing the rudiments of any science or branch of knowledge; a manual; a handbook.

Hornbook - examples of usage

  1. It was difficult to get books in those days, and a hornbook would last a long time. - "Stories of New Jersey", Frank Richard Stockton.
  2. Extracts from The Seven Deadly Sins and The Gull's Hornbook may be given:- " O Candle- light! - "A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature", George Saintsbury.
  3. Several days he wrote nothing; but wrapped himself in the slough of his parson's- cloak; and so in his canonicals, beside the Schoolmaster, put the few A- b- c shooters which were not, like forest- shooters, absent on furlough by reason of the spring, through their platoon firing in the Hornbook. - "The Campaner Thal and Other Writings", Jean Paul Friedrich Richter.
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