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Grasp meaning

grasp - 11 dictionary results

  1. 1. To seize and hold by clasping or embracing with the fingers or arms; to catch to take possession of.
  2. 2. To lay hold of with the mind; to become thoroughly acquainted or conversant with; to comprehend.
  3. 3. To effect a grasp; to make the motion of grasping; to clutch; to struggle; to strive.
  4. 4. A gripe or seizure of the hand; a seizure by embrace, or infolding in the arms.
  5. 5. Reach of the arms; hence, the power of seizing and holding; as, it was beyond his grasp.
  6. 6. Forcible possession; hold.
  7. 7. Wide- reaching power of intellect to comprehend subjects and hold them under survey.
  8. 8. The handle of a sword or of an oar.
  9. 9. Gripe; power of seizure.
  10. 10. To endeavor to seize.
  11. 11. To gripe; seize and hold.

grasp - examples of usage

  1. He felt himself now, as he had often fancied other people, adrift on the stream, and far removed from control of it, a man with no grasp upon circumstances any longer. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. He reflected, with a growing sense of injury, that almost every one of his actions since opening the door of his room had been won from the grasp of the family system. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. The old woman did not struggle under the firm grasp of the young strong hands. - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.
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