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Galimatias meaning

Galimatias - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Nonsense; gibberish; confused and unmeaning talk; confused mixture.

Galimatias - examples of usage

  1. She described his young friend almost as well as he would have done, from the point of view of her type, her graces, her plastic value, using various technical and critical terms to which the old lady listened in silence, solemnly, rather coldly, as if she thought such talk much of a galimatias: she belonged to the old- fashioned school and held a pretty person sufficiently catalogued when it had been said she had a dazzling complexion or the finest eyes in the world. - "The Reverberator", Henry James.
  2. Life was becoming intolerable, just because Alec was talking galimatias to a number of irresponsible journalists. - "A Son of the Immortals", Louis Tracy.
  3. We must, of course, acknowledge that as it is there are longueurs, intrusion of Saint Simonian jargon, passages of galimatias, and of preaching. - "The Country Doctor", Honore de Balzac.
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