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Gaby meaning

Gaby - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. A simpleton; a dunce; a lout.

Gaby - examples of usage

  1. You just like what I'd have liked, and what all women ever I heard tell on liked in their hearts, though maybe they wouldna own up till it, from thon wench, that might have been a gran' lady, too, for a' I ken, who made the great silly gaby of a Samson lie still while she clipped the seven locks off of his head. - "The Northern Iron 1907", George A. Birmingham.
  2. He was guided by Miss Loach all his life, and now she's dead, he goes about like a gaby. - "The Secret Passage", Fergus Hume.
  3. But this what’ s- her- name the gaby’ s bringing ... - "Krindlesyke", Wilfrid Wilson Gibson.
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