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Foliated meaning

foliated - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. ornamented with foliage or foils; " foliate tracery"; " a foliated capital"
  2. 2. of Foliate
  3. 3. Having leaves, or leaflike projections; as, a foliated shell.
  4. 4. Containing, or consisting of, foils; as, a foliated arch.
  5. 5. Characterized by being separable into thin plates or folia; as, graphite has a foliated structure.
  6. 6. Laminated, but restricted to the variety of laminated structure found in crystalline schist, as mica schist, etc.; schistose.
  7. 7. Spread over with an amalgam of tin and quicksilver.

foliated - examples of usage

  1. The foliated sculpture is most exquisite, and is gracefully wreathed around the bell, instead of rising from the astrigal or upper member of the capital, as in the earlier style. - "Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them", Sidney Heath.
  2. Gneiss in geology is commonly used to designate not merely stratified and foliated rocks having the same component materials as granite or syenite, but also in a wider sense to embrace the formation with which other members of the metamorphic series, such as hornblende- schist, may alternate, and which are then considered subordinate to the true gneiss. - "The Student's Elements of Geology", Sir Charles Lyell.
  3. It is probable that, had they been subjected to more intense Plutonic action, they would have been transformed into hornblende- schist, foliated chlorite- schist, scaly talcose- schist, mica- schist, or other more perfectly crystalline rocks, such as are usually associated with gneiss. - "The Student's Elements of Geology", Sir Charles Lyell.
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