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Fleshy meaning

fleshy - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Full of, or composed of, flesh; plump; corpulent; fat; gross.
  2. 2. Human.
  3. 3. Composed of firm pulp; succulent; as, the houseleek, cactus, and agave are fleshy plants.
  4. 4. Abounding in flesh; like flesh.

fleshy - examples of usage

  1. Well, says I, to the owner of the car, a big, fleshy, good- natured chap he was, well, says I, I cal’ late you’ ve all had a good dinner.
  2. She was more like Hans than her mother; fleshy, dark, and round- faced, better- looking and sharper, with fine, almost black eyes, and a certain air of masterfulness, which showed in her brisk manner and carriage.
  3. He was big and fleshy and straight and gray- haired and red- faced.
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