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Fidelity meaning

fidelity - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Faithfulness; adherence to right; careful and exact observance of duty, or discharge of obligations.
  2. 2. Adherence to a person or party to which one is bound; loyalty.
  3. 3. Adherence to the marriage contract.
  4. 4. Adherence to truth; veracity; honesty.
  5. 5. Faithfulness; loyalty; constancy.

fidelity - examples of usage

  1. Had she had the courage to stick to Osbert, her fidelity would have been rewarded quite soon.
  2. But during the long- continued rain of last summer I could not help observing that Jeremy, in spite of his fidelity to these principles, was making an effort to keep up his heart.
  3. He threw himself into the building of Transley's house with as much fidelity as if it had been his own.
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