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Fecund meaning

fecund - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Fruitful in children; prolific.
  2. 2. Fruitful; prolific.

fecund - examples of usage

  1. In movement it reacts on other parts, to which it communicates the contractile faculty, the simple and fecund principle of all animal movement. - "Theological Essays", Charles Bradlaugh.
  2. A vast, fecund area out of which man, withdrawing from the hectic pressure of industrial civilization, could derive sustenance,- if he possessed sufficient hardihood to survive such hardships and struggle as his forefathers had for their common lot. - "The Hidden Places", Bertrand W. Sinclair.
  3. Early in the week we had a day or two of soft sunshine, of fecund warmth, to which the earth lay open, willing, passive. - "Adventures In Friendship", David Grayson.
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