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Facility meaning

facility - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. The quality of being easily performed; freedom from difficulty; ease; as, the facility of an operation.
  2. 2. Ease in performance; readiness proceeding from skill or use; dexterity; as, practice gives a wonderful facility in executing works of art.
  3. 3. Easiness of access; complaisance; affability.
  4. 4. Easiness to be persuaded; readiness or compliance; - usually in a bad sense; pliancy.
  5. 5. That which promotes the ease of any action or course of conduct; advantage; aid; assistance; - usually in the plural; as, special facilities for study.
  6. 6. Ease; easiness; dexterity.

facility - examples of usage

  1. I think the pass- book system affords a fatal facility for men getting into debt, and that many rush into it in that way who think very little of the debt they incur. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  2. In Lerwick, as might be expected, competition, and the greater facility of communication with other places, have kept the prices of the necessaries of life at a moderate figure. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  3. There are a number of possible variations of the fundamental mental processes applicable to the second step, according to the facility and the preference of the commander. - "Sound Military Decision", U.s. Naval War College.
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