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Extractor meaning

extractor - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who, or that which, extracts
  2. 2. A forceps or instrument for extracting substances.
  3. 3. A device for withdrawing a cartridge or spent cartridge shell from the chamber of the barrel.
  4. 4. A centrifugal drying machine.
  5. 5. A machine for clearing combs of honey; also, a device for rendering wax.
  6. 6. Person or thing that extracts.

extractor - examples of usage

  1. She also stated that her husband was an atheist, and had a most singular mole on his back, and that she had been called by telegraph to the care of an aunt taken down with measles and whose husband was a steamboat pilot, and an excellent self- taught banjoist; that she, herself, had in childhood been subject to membranous croup, which had been cured with pulsatilla, which the doctor had been told to prescribe, by his grandmother, in a dream; also that her father, deceased, was a man of the highest refinement, who had invented a stump- extractor; that her sisters were passionately fond of her; that she never spoke to strangers when traveling, but, somehow, he, March, did not seem like a stranger at all; and that she had brought her dinner with her in a pasteboard shirt- box rather than trust railroad cooking, being a dyspeptic. - "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable.
  2. Arnica salve, Urtica urens, tincture and salve, and Dr. Reisig's Homoeopathic Pain Extractor are the best specific remedies for Burns. - "Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms", Charles Munde.
  3. He may perchance find a few of the curved Omani daggers with handsome sheaths adorned with filigree silver, to which is usually attached, by a leather thong, a thorn extractor, an earpick, and a spike. - "Southern Arabia", Theodore Bent Mabel Bent.
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