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Exterior meaning

exterior - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. External; on the outside; without the limits of; extrinsic; as, an object exterior to a man, opposed to what is within, or in his mind.
  2. 2. Relating to foreign nations; foreign; as, the exterior relations of a state or kingdom.
  3. 3. The outward surface or part of a thing; that which is external; outside.
  4. 4. Outward or external deportment, form, or ceremony; visible act; as, the exteriors of religion.
  5. 5. External; outward; pertaining to that which is external; - opposed to interior; as, the exterior part of a sphere.
  6. 6. Outside; outward appearance.
  7. 7. Outward; foreign.

exterior - examples of usage

  1. The presence of air may result from either an injury of the lung or a wound communicating from the exterior. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  2. At first Colonel Kenton took a lively interest in this statement of his case, and prompted the consul with various remarks and sub- statements; he was grateful for the compassion generally shown him by the portiers, and he strove with himself to give some account of the exterior and locality of his mysterious hotel. - "A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories", William D. Howells.
  3. She had only been thinking of the exterior. - "To-morrow?", Victoria Cross.
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