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Excavation meaning

excavation - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of excavating, or of making hollow, by cutting, scooping, or digging out a part of a solid mass.
  2. 2. A cavity formed by cutting, digging, or scooping.
  3. 3. An uncovered cutting in the earth, in distinction from a covered cutting or tunnel.
  4. 4. The material dug out in making a channel or cavity.
  5. 5. Act of excavating; place dug or hollowed out.

excavation - examples of usage

  1. " In an excavation made in the corner- stone was deposited a glass bottle enclosing a parchment roll on which were written the name of the President of the United States, those of the heads of departments, the Trustees of Transylvania University, the medical professors, trustees of the town, officers of the Grand Lodge who assisted at the ceremony, building committee, architect, etc. - "The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University", Robert Peter.
  2. A slight excavation about six feet square is made over which is erected a shelter of green cottonwood boughs, open on the side facing the sun pole. - "The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians", Clark Wissler.
  3. But there is no sign whatever of a basin or excavation to catch and contain this slight moisture- slight indeed, for the earth is as hard and impenetrable here as elsewhere, and this faint moisture is evidently caused by the rainfall draining down the slope of the rampart. - "Wild Life in a Southern County", Richard Jefferies.
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