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Equity meaning

equity - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. An equitable claim; an equity of redemption; as, an equity to a settlement, or wife's equity, etc.
  2. 2. A system of jurisprudence, supplemental to law, properly so called, and complemental of it.
  3. 3. Equitable.
  4. 4. Justice; fairness.

equity - examples of usage

  1. The Defendant's wife says she has eight children; they are ignorant, and, in short, cannot be, in equity, judged as others in better circumstances. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. He's a man of the most generous instincts, and a high ideal of justice, of equity- too high to be considered by a policeman with a club in his hand," said March, with a bold defiance of his wife's different opinion of Lindau. - "A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth", William Dean Howells.
  3. But if Evil- the nameless one- could possess a pair, he would breed an army able to break down the very walls of Equity. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
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