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Epigenesis meaning

Epigenesis - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. a geological change in the mineral content of rock after the rock has formed
  2. 2. The theory of generation which holds that the germ is created entirely new, not merely expanded, by the procreative power of the parents. It is opposed to the theory of evolution, also to syngenesis.

Epigenesis - examples of usage

  1. The above quotation will show how closely Aristotle held to the theory of Epigenesis; and in another place he says, " Not at once is the animal a man or a horse, for the end is last attained; and the specific form is the end of each development." - "Fathers of Biology", Charles McRae.
  2. An edifying spectacle, indeed, for the world to see; a cross old man sitting amongst his gallipots and crucibles, creating animalculae, providing the corpses of birds, beasts, and fishes with what is vulgarly called life, and supplying to epigenesis all the latest improvements! - "Vikram-and-the-Vampire-Classic-Hindu-Tales-of-Adventure-Magic-and-Romance", Burton, Isabel, Lady.
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