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Entity meaning

entity - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence ( living or nonliving)
  2. 2. A real being, whether in thought ( as an ideal conception) or in fact; being; essence; existence.
  3. 3. An organization, institution or being that has its own existence for legal or tax purposes. An entity is often an organization with an existence separate from its individual members-- for example, a corporation, partnership, trust, estate or government agency. The entity is treated like a person; it can function legally, be sued, and make decisions through agents.
  4. 4. Existence; a real substance.

entity - examples of usage

  1. In his views upon human character and its possibilities of development Browning is, of course, in touch with the scientific views on the subject which filled the air in all later nineteenth- century thought, changing the orthodox ideal of a static humanity born in sin and only to be saved by belief in certain dogmas to that of a humanity born to develop; changing the notion that sin was a terrible and absolutely defined entity, against which every soul had ceaselessly to war, into the notion that sin is a relative evil, consequent upon lack of development, which, as the human soul advances on its path, led by its inborn consciousness of the divine to be attained, will gradually disappear.
  2. This placed the naval air force on a self- supporting basis and the entity of the Royal Flying Corps as a whole, as originally provided for, was lost.
  3. I mean only to deny that the word stands for an entity, but to insist most emphatically that it does stand for a function.
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