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Embezzle meaning

embezzle - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To appropriate fraudulently to one's own use, as property intrusted to one's care; to apply to one's private uses by a breach of trust; as, to embezzle money held in trust.
  2. 2. To misappropriate; to waste; to dissipate in extravagance.
  3. 3. Embezzlement.
  4. 4. To pilfer; steal property entrusted.

embezzle - examples of usage

  1. Everyday you embezzle good money from this paper under pretense of giving value received, and each day your uselessness becomes more conspicuous. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.
  2. You are not, I hope, of a lazy, inactive turn, in either body or mind; and, in that case, the day is full long enough for everything; especially at Rome, where it is not the fashion, as it is here and at Paris, to embezzle at least half of it at table. - "Letters to His Son, 1749", The Earl of Chesterfield.
  3. They indeed who covet and desire the honours and offices in a state for the sake of the liberty thereby given them to embezzle the public moneys, to deal violently by their fellow- creatures, and to batten in luxury themselves, may well be regarded as unjust and villainous persons incapable of harmony with one another. - "The Memorabilia Recollections of Socrates", Xenophon.
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