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Elegies meaning

Elegies - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Elegy

Elegies - examples of usage

  1. Let me add to these the other thanks which I owe you for the wonderful moments during which I listened to your melodies, expressive of the fascinating charms of the sirens who dwell on the banks of our imagination, and of those piercing cries wrung from us by the extinction of the perfumes of their enchanted home,- for those thoughts which elevate us in their humility, that despair which throws us " without fear against swords, when the soul is pierced by a very different sword of grief," those elegies which one whispers only to the evening star, those prayers which bear away the soul on their wings. - "Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1", Francis Hueffer (translator).
  2. " I possess," says the imperial secretary, " some elegies attributed to his pen, and a letter in prose, supposed to be a recommendation of himself to Maecenas, but I think that both are spurious; for the elegies are commonplace, and the letter is, besides, obscure, which was by no means one of his faults." - "Horace and His Influence", Grant Showerman.
  3. Goethe praises Horace for lyric charm and for understanding of art and life, and studies his meters while composing the Elegies. - "Horace and His Influence", Grant Showerman.
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