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Elaborate meaning

elaborate - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Wrought with labor; finished with great care; studied; executed with exactness or painstaking; as, an elaborate discourse; an elaborate performance; elaborate research.
  2. 2. To produce with labor
  3. 3. To perfect with painstaking; to improve or refine with labor and study, or by successive operations; as, to elaborate a painting or a literary work.
  4. 4. To produce with labor; take pains with.
  5. 5. Wrought with great care; highly finished.

elaborate - examples of usage

  1. The system is curiously complex and elaborate. - "The Siouan Indians", W. J. McGee.
  2. The whole elaborate structure of her conception of Doggie tumbled down like a house of cards. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.
  3. It turned out that the means of escape were not so elaborate as had been supposed, and, as far as we could learn, all the men in the neighbourhood had on this occasion collected at Mother McCleary's. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.
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