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Distillation meaning

distillation - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of falling in drops, or the act of pouring out in drops.
  2. 2. That which falls in drops.
  3. 3. The separation of the volatile parts of a substance from the more fixed; specifically, the operation of driving off gas or vapor from volatile liquids or solids, by heat in a retort or still, and the condensation of the products as far as possible by a cool receiver, alembic, or condenser; rectification; vaporization; condensation; as, the distillation of illuminating gas and coal, of alcohol from sour mash, or of boric acid in steam.
  4. 4. The substance extracted by distilling.
  5. 5. Process of distilling.

distillation - examples of usage

  1. Owing to the shortage of acetic acid during the War, attention was directed towards the possibility of making an effective coagulant locally by what is termed the " dry distillation of wood"- i.
  2. This is termed 'dry distillation, ' and results eventually in the carbonisation of the wood- i.
  3. They looked at her and in their regard was the clear distillation of the innumerable past hours when they had looked at her with love and trust.
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