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Dispose meaning

dispose - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. To distribute and put in place; to arrange; to set in order; as, to dispose the ships in the form of a crescent.
  2. 2. To regulate; to adjust; to settle; to determine.
  3. 3. To deal out; to assign to a use; to bestow for an object or purpose; to apply; to employ; to dispose of.
  4. 4. To exercise finally one's power of control over; to pass over into the control of some one else, as by selling; to alienate; to part with; to relinquish; to get rid of; as, to dispose of a house; to dispose of one's time.
  5. 5. To bargain; to make terms.
  6. 6. Disposal; ordering; management; power or right of control.
  7. 7. Cast of mind; disposition; inclination; behavior; demeanor.
  8. 8. To give a tendency or inclination to; to adapt; to cause to turn; especially, to incline the mind of; to give a bent or propension to; to incline; to make inclined; - usually followed by to, sometimes by for before the indirect object.
  9. 9. To arrange; apply to a purpose; adapt; incline.- dispose of, to part with; place.

dispose - examples of usage

  1. It is thus that events often dispose of men in spite of themselves.
  2. And 'twill always be your publisher's ambition To provide for the demand that you create, And dispose of a gigantic first edition, While you wait.
  3. These I did not dispose of at once, with the result that they, in themselves, have made you a comfortable fortune.
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