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Dill meaning

dill - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. To still; to calm; to soothe, as one in pain.
  2. 2. An herb ( Peucedanum graveolens), the seeds of which are moderately warming, pungent, and aromatic, and were formerly used as a soothing medicine for children; - called also dillseed.
  3. 3. An herb belonging to the parsley family, with a fragrant fruit.

dill - examples of usage

  1. Sanborn growled under his breath, and when some one else in the dugout quizzed him curiously he burst out: " I'll bet you galoots the state of California against a dill pickle that when your turn comes you'll be sick in your gizzards!" - "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.
  2. The report of the four- wheeled transfer went over the village before nightfall, and the next morning, for the first time, Fred Dill looked in on Henley without a smile or a joke. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.
  3. Fred Dill said in his throat, and he went at once to Seth Woods's shoe- shop, where there was a group of loafers, and told the last bit of news. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.
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