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Dib meaning

Dib - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. To dip.
  2. 2. One of the small bones in the knee joints of sheep uniting the bones above and below the joints.
  3. 3. A child's game, played with dib bones.

Dib - examples of usage

  1. Now I am uncommonly fond of ducks, both roasted and roasting and roystering; and it is a fine sight to behold them walk, poddling one after other, with their toes out, like soldiers drilling, and their little eyes cocked all ways at once, and the way that they dib with their bills, and dabble, and throw up their heads and enjoy something, and then tell the others about it. - "Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor", R. D. Blackmore.
  2. I have been interested to observe some of the instruction in cooking,- how it often begins with little desserts, and fudge, and a variety of dib- dabs. - "The Holy Earth", L. H. Bailey.
  3. Peggy Peggy said good morning and I said good bye, When farmers dib the corn and laddies sow the rye. - "Poems Chiefly From Manuscript", John Clare.
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