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Desert meaning

desert - 12 dictionary results

  1. 1. That which is deserved; the reward or the punishment justly due; claim to recompense, usually in a good sense; right to reward; merit.
  2. 2. A deserted or forsaken region; a barren tract incapable of supporting population, as the vast sand plains of Asia and Africa are destitute and vegetation.
  3. 3. A tract, which may be capable of sustaining a population, but has been left unoccupied and uncultivated; a wilderness; a solitary place.
  4. 4. Of or pertaining to a desert; forsaken; without life or cultivation; unproductive; waste; barren; wild; desolate; solitary; as, they landed on a desert island.
  5. 5. To abandon ( the service) without leave; to forsake in violation of duty; to abscond from; as, to desert the army; to desert one's colors.
  6. 6. To abandon a service without leave; to quit military service without permission, before the expiration of one's term; to abscond.
  7. 7. To leave ( especially something which one should stay by and support); to leave in the lurch; to abandon; to forsake; - implying blame, except sometimes when used of localities; as, to desert a friend, a principle, a cause, one's country.
  8. 8. A desolate place; solitude.
  9. 9. Desolate; uninhabited; barren.
  10. 10. Merit; reward.
  11. 11. To leave; forsake.
  12. 12. To quit a service without leave.

desert - examples of usage

  1. Defoe was the only man of letters in his time who might have been thrown on a desert island without finding himself at a loss what to do. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. They threatened to desert him unless he broke clearly and definitely with the Whigs. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  3. " Bear in mind, my friends, I am come among you; and I shall not desert you. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
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