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Deck meaning

deck - 12 dictionary results

  1. 1. street name for a packet of illegal drugs
  2. 2. To cover; to overspread.
  3. 3. To dress, as the person; to clothe; especially, to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to array; to adorn; to embellish.
  4. 4. To furnish with a deck, as a vessel.
  5. 5. The floorlike covering of the horizontal sections, or compartments, of a ship. Small vessels have only one deck; larger ships have two or three decks.
  6. 6. The upper part or top of a mansard roof or curb roof when made nearly flat.
  7. 7. The roof of a passenger car.
  8. 8. A pack or set of playing cards.
  9. 9. A heap or store.
  10. 10. A main aeroplane surface, esp. of a biplane or multiplane.
  11. 11. Floor of a ship.
  12. 12. To clothe; adorn.

deck - examples of usage

  1. Then we went out on deck. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  2. Down on deck with you! - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  3. Come on; we'll go down on deck. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
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