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Cutting meaning

cutting - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. the division of a deck of cards before dealing; " he insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal"; " the cutting of the cards soon became a ritual"
  2. 2. a part ( sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting
  3. 3. of Cut
  4. 4. The act or process of making an incision, or of severing, felling, shaping, etc.
  5. 5. Something cut, cut off, or cut out, as a twig or scion cut off from a stock for the purpose of grafting or of rooting as an independent plant; something cut out of a newspaper; an excavation cut through a hill or elsewhere to make a way for a railroad, canal, etc.; a cut.
  6. 6. Adapted to cut; as, a cutting tool.
  7. 7. Chilling; penetrating; sharp; as, a cutting wind.
  8. 8. Severe; sarcastic; biting; as, a cutting reply.

cutting - examples of usage

  1. The party was not composed of " Frenchmen cutting a military road," nor was Morisot in charge of it. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  2. The usual time for cutting is about Good Friday- that is, just before the leaf appears. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  3. Now it may be removed by simply cutting it off. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
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