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Curvet meaning

curvet - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Short leap of a horse.
  2. 2. To leap; prance.

curvet - examples of usage

  1. Himself he on an earwig set, Yet scarce he on his back could get, So oft and high he did curvet, Ere he himself could settle: He made him turn, and stop, and bound, To gallop, and to trot the round, He scarce could stand on any ground, He was so full of mettle. - "The Sources and Analogues of 'A Midsummer-night's Dream'", Compiled by Frank Sidgwick.
  2. In this posture the grooms plied them with whips and shouts, provoking them to curvet and kick out with their hind legs, struggling and stamping at the same time to find support for their fore feet, and thus their whole body was exercised, till they were all in a foam and sweat; excellent exercise, whether for strength or speed; and then he gave them their corn already coarsely ground, that they might sooner dispatch, and better digest it. - "Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans", Clough, Arthur Hugh.
  3. The gate was open now, and as he came through, Agnew Greatorix made his horse curvet, pushing the frail form of the preacher almost into the hedge. - "The Lilac Sunbonnet", S.R. Crockett.
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