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Curve meaning

curve - 10 dictionary results

  1. 1. bend or cause to bend; " He crooked his index finger"; " the road curved sharply"
  2. 2. form an arch or curve; " her back arches"; " her hips curve nicely"
  3. 3. Bent without angles; crooked; curved; as, a curve line; a curve surface.
  4. 4. A bending without angles; that which is bent; a flexure; as, a curve in a railway or canal.
  5. 5. A line described according to some low, and having no finite portion of it a straight line.
  6. 6. To bend; to crook; as, to curve a line; to curve a pipe; to cause to swerve from a straight course; as, to curve a ball in pitching it.
  7. 7. To bend or turn gradually from a given direction; as, the road curves to the right.
  8. 8. Anything bent; a bent line.
  9. 9. Bent round.
  10. 10. To form into, or assume, a curve.

curve - examples of usage

  1. Carlin's night in the dark-" Skag's arm lifted in a curve to cover his face as if from a blow. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  2. A quarter of a mile farther up there was another curve, which swept the trail within sight of the summit. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  3. At a turn in the road his heart sank within him; for just around the curve they came upon Tim Mills sitting quietly on a stump. - "Two Little Confederates", Thomas Nelson Page.
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