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Counterbalance meaning

counterbalance - 2 dictionary results

counterbalance - examples of usage

  1. History forgets its first and noblest duty when it fails, by its distribution of praise and blame, to counterbalance, so far as its verdict can, this inequality, which, for inscrutable but doubtless wise purposes, Providence has permitted in this transient scene.
  2. The current justification of their idleness by all so- called educated people, with their various activities, from the railway proprietor down to the author or artist, is this: We men who have freed ourselves from the common human duty of taking part in the struggle for existence, are furthering progress, and so we are of great use to all human society, of such use that we counterbalance all the harm we do the people by consuming their labour.
  3. The men they loved had very different temperaments, and Bob would be a useful counterbalance.
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