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Converse meaning

converse - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. To engage in familiar colloquy; to interchange thoughts and opinions in a free, informal manner; to chat; -- followed by with before a person; by on, about, concerning, etc., before a thing.
  2. 2. Familiar discourse; free interchange of thoughts or views; conversation; chat.
  3. 3. Turned about; reversed in order or relation; reciprocal; as, a converse proposition.
  4. 4. A proposition which arises from interchanging the terms of another, as by putting the predicate for the subject, and the subject for the predicate; as, no virtue is vice, no vice is virtue.
  5. 5. A proposition in which, after a conclusion from something supposed has been drawn, the order is inverted, making the conclusion the supposition or premises, what was first supposed becoming now the conclusion or inference. Thus, if two sides of a sides of a triangle are equal, the angles opposite the sides are equal; and the converse is true, i. e., if these angles are equal, the two sides are equal.
  6. 6. Familiar inter course; talk; the reverse of a proposition.
  7. 7. Reverse; opposite.
  8. 8. To have intercourse; talk familiarly.

converse - examples of usage

  1. " I can converse now," said he. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.
  2. But his memory continued a blank; and though he was not unable to converse about passing events, he could not fix his attention, or only with a great effort. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
  3. Your son and General Sampson know me as Mr Hastings; let me retain that name till we can converse in private. - "Won from the Waves", W.H.G. Kingston.
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