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Constituent meaning

constituent - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Constituting; composing.
  2. 2. That which helps to compose; one who appoints or elects.

constituent - examples of usage

  1. " The chemical atom," he said, " is as small in comparison to a drop of water as a cricket- ball is compared to the globe of the earth; and yet this atom is as large in comparison to one of its constituent particles as Birmingham town- hall is to a pin's head." - "The Law and the Word", Thomas Troward.
  2. He just caught the Baron's last words- a denunciation of the hotel he was stopping at, loud enough to reach the new St. Sennans, of which it was the principal constituent- and then walked briskly off. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
  3. As a covering word for such features and factors, alike, the term " elements" appears especially suitable, inasmuch as it properly comprises the constituent parts of any subject, as well as the factors which may pertain thereto. - "Sound Military Decision", U.s. Naval War College.
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