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Consonant meaning

consonant - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. Having agreement; congruous; consistent; according; -- usually followed by with or to.
  2. 2. Having like sounds.
  3. 3. harmonizing together; accordant; as, consonant tones, consonant chords.
  4. 4. Of or pertaining to consonants; made up of, or containing many, consonants.
  5. 5. An articulate sound which in utterance is usually combined and sounded with an open sound called a vowel; a member of the spoken alphabet other than a vowel; also, a letter or character representing such a sound.
  6. 6. A sound usually given only with a vowel, and represented by a consonant letter.
  7. 7. Accordant; agreeable.

consonant - examples of usage

  1. The string vibrated, and the note was resonant, but it was not a note which was consonant with hers, and it did not stir her to respond.
  2. " 'Morality, rules of, where consonant with those of law, '" he read aloud, and turned back to page twenty- eight.
  3. On every side she may receive suggestion and instruction as to how to make herself consonant with her era.
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