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Conservator meaning

conservator - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who preserves from injury or violation; a protector; a preserver.
  2. 2. An officer who has charge of preserving the public peace, as a justice or sheriff.
  3. 3. One who has an official charge of preserving the rights and privileges of a city, corporation, community, or estate.
  4. 4. Someone appointed by a judge to oversee the affairs of an incapacitated person. A conservator who manages financial affairs is often called a " conservator of the estate." One who takes care of personal matters, such as healthcare and living arrangements, is known as a " conservator of the person." Sometimes, one conservator is appointed to handle all these tasks. Depending on where you live, a conservator may also be called a guardian, committee or curator.
  5. 5. One who preserves from injury; a guardian.

conservator - examples of usage

  1. R: How did you acquire this post of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests? - "Free from School", Rahul Alvares.
  2. That the Talmud has been the conservator of Judaism is an irrefutable statement. - "Jewish Literature and Other Essays", Gustav Karpeles.
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